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Whether you need whimsy & delight, spectacle & hullabaloo, laughter and applause, grace & elegance, or just good clean fun for your event, you've found the right site. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Break A Leg Entertainment provides entertainment for events in the Pacific Northwest, throughout North America, and beyond. Our performers will bring their show to your stage (or tent, or lawn, or cruise ship, fairgrounds, or park) fully prepared to entertain your crowd (gaggle, tribe, army, throng, flock, or mob).  


Matt Henry, the proprietor, president, and principal planner of Break a Leg Entertainment, is at your service to recommend and book the perfect act for your event. Matt will put his 28 years of experience in the performing industry to work; if there is an act you desire that doesn't appear on our web roster, you can bet Matt will find it for you. 


One (and perhaps the only) trait that all performers on our diverse roster share is talent. No matter how mammoth or miniscule your event, whether you need eight hours of escapades or a New York minute of hijinks, no matter the short notice or byzantine planning process, Break a Leg Entertainment is here to provide the main attraction, headliner, sideliner, or atmospheric acts that will complement the theme and feel of your event.


In show business, it's bad luck to wish a performer good luck, so we say 'Break a Leg!'

Telling a performer to break a leg before a performance is remarkably common, so it may surprise you that the exact origin of this phrase remains shrouded in mystery. Curious as to some of the possibilities? Find out more!

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